Tuesday 16th April 2019 6.00 pm

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To approve and sign the minutes of the Extraordinary and Ordinary meetings held on 26 February 2019.



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Official Communications

To receive minutes of the following Committees and to determine thereon:-


Planning Committee - 18 March 2019 pdf icon PDF 87 KB


Licensing Committee - 26 March 2019 pdf icon PDF 79 KB


People Scrutiny Committee - 7 March 2019 pdf icon PDF 83 KB


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Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee - 28 March 2019 pdf icon PDF 79 KB

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Executive - 9 April 2019

Notice of Motion


Notice of Motion by Councillor Sutton under Standing Order No. 6 pdf icon PDF 43 KB

This Council notes:


  • That analysis of the 2018 Local Election results by the Fawcett Society found that only 34% of councillors in England are women, up 1% since 2017;
  • That across England, Labour has improved its representation since seats were last up for grabs, with 45% women compared with 40% in 2014, Liberal Democrat representation up from 34% to 36% whilst the Conservative Party saw a fall from 31% to 29% in the share of its councillors who are female;
  • That as of the 2018 local elections, only 26 out of 119 Labour councils and only 33 out of 130 opposition Labour Groups are led by women;
  • As of summer 2017, only 4% of councils in England and Wales have parental leave policies, according to research by the Fawcett Society;
  • That the equalities section of the Labour Party Democracy Review mandates all Labour councils and Labour Groups to introduce a parental leave policy to cover their group and their council as applicable;
  • That the role of a councillor should be open to all, regardless of their background, and that introducing a parental leave policy is a step towards encouraging a wider range of people to become councillors, and is also a step to encourage existing councillors who may want to start a family to remain as councillors;
  • That parental leave must apply to parents regardless of their gender, and that it should also cover adoption leave to support those parents who choose to adopt.


This Council resolves:


  • To adopt the parental leave policy attached to give all councillors an entitlement to parental leave after giving birth or adopting;
  • To ensure that councillors with children and other caring commitments are supported as appropriate;
  • To notify the LGA that this council has passed a motion at full council to adopt the parental leave policy.


Further details of the proposed policy can be found on pages 97-100.


Questions from Members of the Council under Standing Order No 8.

Question from Councillor Mrs Thompson


Has the City Council considered providing a new access to the Ski Slope together with a suitable parking area, which could enable this facility to be retained along with the allotments and some public open space, even if the rest of the site is to be redeveloped?


Questions from Councillor Mrs Thompson


(a)        Could the Leader please confirm if monies spent from City Council funds for The Pinhoe Hub are merely a grant to an outside body and if so what checks and balances do the City Council follow to ascertain that any contracts are progressed with accountability and with the correct procedures and do such procedures follow the City Council's own procurement regulations?; and


(b)        Could the Leader please explain why invoices relating to The Pinhoe Hub held by officers within the City Council require the Authority of the Legal Services before disclosure can be made to elected City Councillors?



A plan of seating in the Guildhall is attached as an annexe pdf icon PDF 46 KB