Tuesday 23rd July 2019 6.00 pm

Venue: Guildhall, High Street, Exeter

Contact: John Street, Corporate Manager Democratic & Civic Support  Telephone 01392 265106 or email

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To approve and sign the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 16 April 2019 and of the Annual Meeting held on 14 May 2019.


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To receive minutes of the following Committees and to determine thereon:-


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Notice of Motion


Notice of Motion by Councillor D Moore Under Standing Order No 6

Community Infrastructure levy for Purpose Built Student Accommodation


Council welcomes the review of its current Student Accommodation policy for the city.


Council notes the purpose of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)‘ isexpected to “Have a positive economic effect on development across a localplan area.” The current CIL charging statement was adopted for Exeter on 15thOctober 2013.


The rapid construction since this date of Purpose Built Student Blocks (PBSB’s),

particularly in the city centre wards has already brought forward a 8,017 bed

spaces and 2,802 are currently in construction.


That while developers have enjoyed a discount on the CIL levy compared to housebuilders, a significant number of the PBSB’s have been priced and marketed as ‘luxury’ accommodation. These are not affordable to many students nor do they help achieve the Council’s goal of encouraging students to take advantage of this accommodation rather than in Houses of Multiple Occupation.


Council therefore resolves:


1.         The CIL charging schedule rate for Purpose Built Student Housing no longer serves a useful purpose and has a disproportionate affect on the city centre wards of the local plan area

2.         To bring forward a new charging schedule as soon as possible to replace the current schedule.

3.         A new charging schedule will no longer apply a lower charging rate of CIL to purpose built student housing compared to residential charging. However, a relief may be applied where affordable student accommodation is to be provided (to be defined in the new schedule).

4.         That until such time a new Charging Schedule is adopted by the Authority Section 106 Agreements are put in place on PBSB’s to make such developments acceptable in planning terms. These agreements must include specific benefits for the local community, and may be up to the equivalent to the CIL levy contribution for an equivalent sized residential development.




Notice of Motion by Councillor J Moore Under Standing Order No 6

Exeter City Council notes that:

1.         The decision to sell the green space at Clifton Hill, close the Clifton Hill Sports Centre and sell land currently leased by Exeter Ski Club, as confirmed at the Council meeting of 26 February 2019, has proved highly contentious.


2.         The council received several petitions and numerous other representations opposing the sale: 1,800 people signed an online city-wide petition to save the sports centre; 500 signatures were collected door-to-door by the Save the Clifton Hill Green Space group, and the petition to save the Ski Slope was presented at the Council meeting on 26th February with a total of 2,624 signatures. All were ignored.


3.         On May 2nd of this year Independent Cllr Jemima Moore, one of the Clifton Hill green space campaigners, was elected with 1,359 votes, pushing voter turnout in the Newton and St. Leonard’s ward up from 34% to 39%.


4.         Clifton Hill was earmarked for sale before the consultation on Exeter’s Physical Activity Strategy, and thus the Ski Slope, Sports Centre and green space were excluded from city-wide strategic planning intended to enhance the wellbeing of people in Newtown and the whole of Exeter.


5.         We are facing a climate emergency, loss of biodiversity and dangerous levels of air pollution.  Exeter needs open spaces and trees to provide “green lungs” that mitigate rising temperatures and pollution.  The ambitious Exeter Garden City vision cannot be achieved if we build on the last remaining city centre green spaces.


6.         There is no guarantee that sale of the Clifton Hill site will achieve the expected £8.5 – £9 million, and yet this estimate has repeatedly been used as the sole justification for the decision.  Failure to meet this target could result in accusations of maladministration, or a legal challenge.


7.         The Council holds other assets that could either be sold to raise revenue or used for social housing to address local need and generate income in the longer term.  The sale of buildings and car parks should always be prioritised, before our green spaces, trees and wildlife are lost forever.


8.         It is not too late to rethink the Council’s decision to sell the Clifton Hill site, and for all of us to work together to seek a better solution.


Exeter City Council therefore resolves to put the decision to sell the Clifton Hill site on hold, pending a four month review period during which other options for raising revenue – including a full and transparent assessment of other Council assets that could be sold without losing green space – are explored.



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