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Planning Committee
Monday 29th October 2018 5.30 pm

Venue: Rennes Room, Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter

Contact: Howard Bassett, Democratic Services Officer (Committees)  01392 265107 or email

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To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 1 October 2018.



The minutes of the meeting held on 1 October 2018 were taken as read, approved and signed by the Chair as correct.



Declarations of Interest

Councillors are reminded of the need to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests that relate to business on the agenda and which have not already been included in the register of interests, before any discussion takes place on the item. Unless the interest is sensitive, you must also disclose the nature of the interest. In accordance with the Council's Code of Conduct, you must then leave the room and must not participate in any further discussion of the item. Councillors requiring clarification should seek the advice of the Monitoring Officer prior to the day of the meeting.



No declarations of interest were made by Members.




Planning Application No. 18/1185/RES - East Park, University of Exeter, Streatham Campus, Exeter pdf icon PDF 183 KB

To consider the report of the City Development Manager.


Additional documents:


The Principal Project Manager (Development) (PJ) presented the application for development to build student accommodation and central amenity facilities up to a maximum of 32,230 square metres with associated infrastructure (Reserved matters application for access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline permission 16/1232/OUT granted 5 July 2017).


The Principal Project Manager (Development) explained that outline permission had been previously granted with associated conditions and a Section 106 Agreement and detailed the layout plans, elevational details, access arrangements, computer generated images and the elements of the student management plan. He reported the receipt of a further email in respect of the number of students to be accommodated and concerns regarding parking, the City Development Manager referring to changes to conditions three and five as requested by the applicant.


Councillor Owen, having given notice under Standing Order No. 44, spoke on the item. He raised the following points:-


·         it is accepted that outline planning permission has been granted but there remain a number of issues of concern to local residents;

·         submitted drawings are believed to be incorrect;

·         an access road is too close to the arboretum;

·         concerns that the pedestrian/cycle route into Higher Hoopern Lane will be used by motorcycles and scooters with fast food deliveries late at night to a large market at great disturbance to neighbouring residents;

·         working hours should not include 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays and should be restricted to the normal five day working week and that the hours during the working week, as set out in the condition, should be strictly adhered to unlike in some other developments in the city. The residents have already suffered from certain Sunday working on the campus and the justification put forward for this by the University is not valid;

·         Hill Crest Park residents have complained about noise resulting from work near the entrance to the site;

·         request that any proposed bund or bank be of sufficient height to reduce noise and dust pollution during construction;

·         assurances sought that the northern meadowwill not be used for locating caravans accommodating workers;

·         a robust student management plan is necessary to prevent anti-social behaviour including the prevention of student parties and bar-b-ques on the northern meadow;

·         best practice to be utilised on external lighting to prevent overspill of artificial light;

·         residents request that tree screening is effective and that new trees are at least five years old and of significant size and that the University engages with residents on the landscape details; and

·         the local community have requested compensation such as the provision of super fast broad band to the residents of Higher Pennsylvania and that a strategy be agreed to facilitate its provision prior to the occupation of the first student flat. This has been achieved in Cambridge as part of planning permission agreed by South Cambridgeshire District Council.


The Principal Project Manager responded to the queries raised:-


·         the correct revised drawings had been submitted and changes to the master plan were inevitable during the detailed drawing up of developments  ...  view the full minutes text for item 181.


Planning Application No 18/1405/FUL - Land at Summerland Street, Exeter pdf icon PDF 138 KB

To consider the report of the City Development Manager.


Additional documents:


The Principal Project Manager (Development) (HS) presented the application for demolition of existing buildings (Transport Club and Exeter Auto Centre) and redevelopment to provide student accommodation (sui generis), ancillary facilities, and ground floor uses in classes A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, D1 and D2, cycle parking provision and public realm improvements.


The Principal Project Manager (Development) reported that the application was a revised design following issues raised at this Committee in July of this year when the previous application had been refused, The design now presented being that preferred after a series of options had been put to the Planning Member Working Group. He detailed the amendments being revision to the external design and increase in the number of studio rooms by three through sub-division of a larger studio and enlargement of the top floor. The design and materials also better reflected that of the adjoining Phase 1 of the overall development.


The key issues remained noise impact on residents, contamination (both of which could be dealt with by condition following submission of surveys) and design.


Mr O’Brien spoke in support of the application. He raised the following points:-


·         represent the applicant, Graduation Exeter (Phase 2) Limited. The previous refused scheme had been acceptable in all respects apart from appearance and shape;

·         since July, there had been engagement on design options, the revised design seeking to address concerns and the reason for refusal and then put to the Planning Member Working Group on 28 August 2018, with feedback confirming that the design was preferred over the other options presented;

·         City Council planning officers were fully supportive of all aspects of the revised application;

·         the applicant is keen to deliver this scheme at the earliest opportunity following the progress being made on the construction of Phase 1 and to speed up delivery of Phase 2, the majority of the vacant buildings on site having been demolished;

·         the scheme offered a good quality development delivering purpose built accommodation to assist in reducing the current shortfall in supply. The smaller rooms of Phase 2 delivered an affordable option to students with rents being lower than those of Phase 1. It completed the development of this key city centre site and was a further step to the delivery of the Council’s vision for the Grecian Quarter. The introduction of ground floor retail and leisure floor-space would create activity along Summerland Street and public realm improvements, including widening of pavements and tree planting as well as new employment opportunities. The development would complete this key city centre block following the Phase 1 development.

He responded as follows to Members’ queries:-


·         although precise data could not be provided at the meeting there was significant evidence from other University Cities that there was a shift in student occupation from houses in multiple occupation to purpose built student accommodation. This was a feature particularly in towns and cities with University’s with growing student numbers, as was the case in Exeter, where it was also a key economic driver;  ...  view the full minutes text for item 182.


Planning Application No 18/1241/ECC - Arena Skate Park, Summer Lane, Exeter pdf icon PDF 77 KB

To consider the report of the City Development Manager.


Additional documents:


The Principal Project Manager (Development) (PJ) presented the application for replacement of existing skate facility with the addition of a lighting system. He reported that the application did not involve a change of use and that six lighting columns, eight metres in height would be provided. No light spillage was anticipated as the site was separated from residential properties by the railway line. Users of the facility had been consulted, many having asked for usage beyond daylight hours.


The applicant was Exeter City Council.


Paul Faulkner responded to Members’ queries on behalf of the City Council. Noting a request for lights to be downward facing onto the site, he advised that hours of use would be controlled by a passive infrared sensor light control mechanism and that the lighting would be turned off at 9:30pm, starting to fade prior to that to alert users to the termination time.


A Member welcomed the proposal for this community driven project in a ward where much additional housing was being developed.


The recommendation was for approval, subject to the conditions as set out in the report.


RESOLVED that planning permission for replacement of existing skate facility with the addition of a lighting system be approved, subject to the following conditions;-


(1)        The development to which this permission relates must be begun not later than the expiration of three years beginning with the date on which this permission is granted.

Reason:  To ensure compliance with sections 91 and 92 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


(2)       The development hereby permitted shall not be carried out otherwise than in strict accordance with the submitted details received by the Local Planning Authority on 15 August 2018 (including concept drawings, light spillage ISO contours plan, light spillage results plan, and technical specification for lights), and 26 September 2018 (dwg. no. Exeter-DLP01) as modified by other conditions of this consent.

Reason: In order to ensure compliance with the approved drawings.


(3)        No site machinery or plant shall be operated, no process shall be carried out and no demolition or construction related deliveries received or dispatched from the site except between the hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 1pm Saturday and at no time on Sundays, Bank or Public Holidays.

Reason: To protect the amenity of the locality, especially for people living and/or working nearby.


(4)        The floodlights hereby approved shall only be illuminated between 16.00 hours and 21.30 hours Monday to Sunday.

Reason: In the interests of residential amenity.



List of Decisions Made and Withdrawn Applications pdf icon PDF 45 KB

To consider the report of the City Development Manager.


Additional documents:


The report of the City Development Manager was submitted.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.



Appeals Report pdf icon PDF 75 KB

To consider the report of the City Development Manager.


The schedule of appeal decisions and appeals lodged was submitted.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.





To advise that the next Site Inspection Party will be held on Tuesday 20 November 2018 at 9.30 a.m.  The Councillors attending will be Foale, Sutton and Thompson.


RESOLVED that the next Site Inspection Party will be held on Tuesday 20 November 2018 at 9.30 a.m. The Councillors attending will be Foale, Sutton and Thompson.



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