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SecAnim (J L Thomas) Liaison Group

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Information about SecAnim (J L Thomas) Liaison Group



(i)      To facilitate the exchange of information relating to the operation of the permitted animal by-products process operated at Canal Banks, Exeter, between management of SARIA (trading as SecAnim), Councillors & officers of Exeter City Council  (the Council) and designated residents from residential areas adjoining the plant.


(ii)      To report upon and examine instances of complaints arising from the factory or the carriage of materials to and from the factory, or other relevant occurrences that come to the attention of the parties; to foster a mutual understanding of the reasons for these instances and occurrences, and the impact on residents.


(iii)     To examine reasonably practicable means of preventing or mitigating any negative impact from these instances and occurrences, and to develop an effective monitoring and reporting system concerning these matters.


(iii)     To make suggestions for the improvement of the environmental conditions relevant to the operations of the permitted process having regard to the current Sector Guidance note.




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