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Information about Strata Joint Executive Committee

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Strata is a partnership which shares ICT services between East Devon, Exeter and Teignbridge District Councils. Strata is a stand-alone limited company which is owned and controlled equally by the three councils. The company is made up of ICT staff from each of the councils ensuring that vital experience and expertise is retained within the organisations.

The Joint Executive Committee (JEC) will make operational decisions for Strata in accordance with the business plan and service plans, which it will agree.  The JEC will provide strategic direction to the Board and be accountable to the Councils as shareholders.  The JEC’s responsibility for governance and performance includes budget monitoring, all of which will be supported by the Joint Scrutiny Committee. 

The Councils have each delegated to the JEC all those powers necessary to enable the proper operation of Strata, with the exception of the following decisions which are reserved to the Executive of each of the Councils acting as shareholders of Strata (except for decisions over a capital or revenue expenditure outside the approved budget and business plan which shall specifically be reserved for Full Council to decide):

·         Permitting the registration of any additional shareholders into Strata;

·         Passing any resolution for its winding up or presenting any petition for its administration;

·         Changing the company’s name;

·         Issuing shares;

·         Amalgamating or merging with any other company or business undertaking;

·         Forming any subsidiary or acquiring shares in any other company or participating in any joint venture;

·         Decisions to extend the scope and nature of services to be provided by Strata, for example to provide HR, Accountancy or Legal services;

·         Decisions to provide ICT services (or any other services) commercially for external clients or decisions that have an impact on the ability to use the Teckal procurement exemption;

·         Declaring or making dividends or distributions of budgetary savings or assets of any kind; and

·         Ceasing involvement in Strata as a participating shareholder.