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Exeter Community Health and Wellbeing Board

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Information about Exeter Community Health and Wellbeing Board

1.            PURPOSE


The purpose of the Exeter Community Health and Wellbeing Board is to develop strategies for securing improved health and wellbeing outcomes for citizens.  The Board will operate as an oversight group holding each other to account on the delivery of agreed strategies and programmes with a focus on reducing inequalities across the City.


The Board will promote integration and partnership working between the City Council, Devon County Council social care, public health, NHS, voluntary services, communities and the wider public sector.


The Board will ensure that all key plans and policies appropriately reflect the health and wellbeing priorities identified through the joint needs assessment process (JSNA) and will be informed by data such as the Integrated Care for Exeter Risk Stratification and Pathway Costing Tool. 


Where necessary the board will establish ‘expert’ task and finish groups where additional needs analysis or guidance on the evidence of the effectiveness of interventions is required; and will establish project groups where appropriate in order to effectively deliver objectives of the Board.



2.           FUNCTION


The Board will maintain an overall focus on encouraging citizens to become more active and will develop and update an annual evidenced-based Exeter Community, Health, Wellbeing and Physical Activity Strategy and delivery plan. 


The Board will continue to have oversight of the Active Exeter Programme and the development of the Physical Activity Vison Wheel agreed by partners during 2017 as part of our joint work as part of the Sport England Local Delivery Pilot programme.


The Board will provide co-ordination and implementation for agreed strategies. The priorities for 2018/9 will be the implementation of the Exeter Youth Strategy (2017) and the adoption of the Exeter Community Forum Community Strategy (2016) and asset based community development (ABCD) approaches across the city.


The Board will act as an oversight and advisory group for the Wellbeing Exeter Steering Group providing feedback on the delivery of social prescribing and community building across the City.


The Board will facilitate an annual themed conference and networking event for members and wider stakeholders.  


2.         MEMBERSHIP


2.1       Reflecting the strategic nature of its work the proposed core membership of the Exeter Health and Wellbeing Board will be:


·           Exeter City Councillor (Leader)

·           Exeter City Councillor (Portfolio Holder for People)

·           Exeter City Councillor (Portfolio Holder for Health and Wellbeing, Communities and Sport)

·           Exeter City Councillor (Opposition)

·           Devon County Councillor (Chair of Health & Adult Care Scrutiny Committee)

·           Devon County Councillor with Exeter locus

·           Devon County Council Director of Public Health

·           Devon County Council Officer (Communities Team)

·           Exeter City Council Officer (Director)

·           Exeter City Council Officer (Programme Manager Communities)

·           Exeter City Council Officer (Environmental Health and Licencing Manager)

·           Exeter City Community Trust

·           A representative from the Exeter Community Safety Partnership

·           A representative of the NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group Eastern Locality Forum

·           A representative from Exeter Community Forum

·           A representative from Active Devon

·           A representative from Wellbeing Exeter

·           A representative from the South West Youth Games – Chef Executive


2.2       The Board will have the right to co-opt other members as deemed appropriate to its priorities.


2.3       The Board will elect a Chair and Vice-Chair on an annual basis from amongst the group.


2.4       The Board will aim to meet on a bi-monthly basis (i.e. every two months).


2.5       The Board will comprise of at least 5 members to be quorate.


2.6       The Board will have the right to appoint Associate Members to the Board as deemed appropriate to enhance its level of understanding, and where such an appointment would be beneficial to the composition of the Board. Associate Members will have no voting rights.




3.1       The Board will be accountable to the City Council but will have a range of working/reporting relationships with other Council bodies, e.g. People Scrutiny Committee, and external partnerships, e.g. Devon Health and Wellbeing Board, Devon Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee, Exeter Community Safety Partnership, Active Devon Exeter Board, Eastern Devon Locality Forum and Wellbeing Exeter Steering Group.


4.         ENGAGEMENT


4.1       It is recognised that whilst the Board has a strong strategic focus it needs to engage with a wider range of local stakeholders. Therefore the Board will hold and annual conference to share and receive feedback on the annual health and wellbeing action plan.


4.2       The individual members of the Board are also well placed to seek the views of the various ‘constituencies’ they represent and feed views into and out of the cycle of meetings the Board will hold.


4.3       The board meetings will be held in public with the exception of any item that the Chair deems to be confidential (any such item will be heard as a Part 2 item). Members of the public will be able to submit questions to the Board no later than 7 days in advance of any meeting; questions will be submitted via the Chair, who will decide whether or not the question is tabled, and the format for tabling that question.

4.4         Copies of these terms of reference, agenda, minutes and reports (except those relating to a confidential part of the meeting) will be posted on the website of the Exeter City Council or hard copies will be available on application from Democratic Services.

5.         SECRETARIAT


5.1       The Board will be supported by Democratic Services with contributions from other partners, i.e. Public Health, DCC.




Any alterations or additions to these terms of reference will be agreed by a majority of board members at any board meeting.

7.            DEPUTIES

Both core members of the Board and Associate Members will be able to send a deputy in their stead.