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Information about Exeter Strategic Board

As a joint County and City Council committee, the Exeter Strategic Board will provide a forum for County and City Councillors to work together on common Exeter City issues that could not be dealt with by either body in isolation and are not the focus of other committees.


The core membership of the Exeter Strategic Board will be the nine County Councillors for Exeter and five members of the City Council. Representatives from the voluntary, business, health, police, further and higher education, inter-faith communities, community representative and others will be invited to assist the Board as appropriate. Associate members will be invited to participate in Board events when the themes under debate are of relevance/interest to them.


On an annual basis the Exeter Strategic Board will be provided with a strategic analysissetting out needs and issues facing residents to assist Members in agreeing an annual work programme based around key strategic themes of mutual interest or concern that are not dealt with in other fora.  The Board will agree the allocation and mechanism for the deployment of the Exeter Board Grant funding in line with the agreed strategic priorities.


The Annual Work Programme will be shared with Associate Members, Community Groups and Special Interest Associations to enable them to identify areas of work they would wish to contribute to through at the themed workshop. 


The Exeter Strategic Board will meet four times a year, once for the strategic needs analysis and then for three themed workshops on the topics set out in the annual work plan. Associate Members, Community Groups and Special Interest Associations will be invited to participate in workshops where it makes sense to do so.


The Chair/Deputy Chair of the Exeter Strategic Board will alternate yearly between the City and County Council.


The Board’s terms of reference are:


·         To share data and information about strategic issues affecting the city.

·         To identify an annual work programme around key strategic themes of interest to both City and County Councillors that are not the focus of other groups or committees.

·         To take an analytical, evidenced based approach to the examination of the key themes/issues with the aim of identifying priorities for joint action.

·         To make recommendations to the City and County Councils about policy or practice that could have a positive impact for the city including opportunities for joint action.

·         To contribute to effective partnership working across the City.

·         To support and engage with communities and neighbourhoods in identifying priorities and finding ways to meet local needs.

·         To enable groups and communities to influence and shape local public services and strategies.

·         To allocate community funding to projects of community or citywide relevance.


The Exeter Board has a Community Grant fund. Further details can be found at


The joint fund will enable Councillors to respond to local needs across the City and support projects or activities for the benefit of communities they represent.