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South East Devon Joint Habitats Mitigation Executive Committee

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Information about South East Devon Joint Habitats Mitigation Executive Committee

East Devon District Council, Exeter City Council and Teignbridge District Council have appointed the Habitats Mitigation Executive Committee (HMEC) which will make the operational decisions on behalf of the Councils to implement and deliver measures to mitigate against the impact of development pressures. Those decisions will be taken in accordance with a 5 year Delivery Programme and the Business Plan, both of which the HMEC shall agree at its first meeting. Thereafter the 5 year Delivery Programme shall be reviewed every 5 years and the Business Plan annually.


Otherfunctions thatarewithintheremitoftheHMEC include:

·         Monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of the mitigation measures and agree changes where necessary.

·         Ensure that there is a simple and transparent audit trail linking S106 and CIL financial allocations for European site mitigation, and the works and projects that deliver mitigation. Allocate budget accordingly, taking account of other arising mitigation opportunities.

·         Secure the cooperation of all stakeholders.

·         Monitor risks, progress and effectiveness of delivery.

·         Identify, lobby for and secure complementary funds.

·         Monitor and review the delivery of the South-East Devon European Site

·         Mitigation Strategy (and when adopted the Pebblebed Heaths Visitor Management Plan) quarterly and publish a progress report annually.

·         Formally advise on any emerging requirements for refreshing the evidence base used to determine the Strategy (and when adopted the Plan).

·         To include reviews of developer contribution charges in line with inflation/index linking and funding mitigation expenditure in perpetuity.

·         Establish and maintain a financial model that ensures delivery of mitigation in perpetuity.

·         Liaise between partner organisations and share best practice.

·         Ensuring that a record is kept of planning proposals which are agreed through the planning process to satisfy their own mitigation requirements (and as such do not form part of the mitigation Strategy).