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Executive - 11 December 2018


The minutes of the Executive of 11 December 2018 were presented by the Leader, Councillor Edwards, and taken as read.


In respect of Minute No.120 (Leisure Complex and Bus Station), the Leader stated that the project did provide value for money, which was reiterated in the value for money report November 2018, whilst accepting that the costs had gone up, this proposal would now free up the whole of the site and provide city centre office space and homes on the site.


Some Members spoke against the recommendation. They raised concerns regarding the value for money of the project and better use of the £52 million, the high interest payments on the loan, that money should be spent on increasing recycling and air quality improvements and that the project was flawed and was not financially sound.


The Portfolio Holder for Health & Well-being, Communities & Sport commented that the Council had been prudent with its monies, had already set aside 65% of the funds for the project and there was a robust business case. The proposal would provide housing, two hotels, retail units, office space, excellent leisure facilities and improve the public realm.


Those Members supporting the recommendation stated that the project had a strong business case and would be a world class facility for everyone to enjoy.




(1)        Members welcome the conclusions of Jones Lang LaSalle on the development demand and potential for the Sidwell Street and bus and coach station site and authorise the City Surveyor to progress work to identify options and, potentially, a preferred development partner, or partners, for a comprehensive scheme for the redevelopment of the wider Sidwell Street/Bus Station site (including options for the redevelopment of the Civic Centre site, Paris Street) and fund up to £300,000 to cover the associated costs of this work;


(2)        funding up to £90,000 be made available to cover the costs associated with exploring the potential, opportunity and viability to provide a multi-purpose performance venue as part of the wider development of Sidwell Street/Paris Street;


(3)        the allocation of an additional £11.88m to cover the programme costs and contract price of building a new leisure complex and bus station be approved; and


(4)        the Chief Executive & Growth Director be authorised to enter into written contracts with the successful tenderer for the construction of both projects


In accordance with Standing Order 27(1), a named vote on the recommendation was called for, and the voting recorded as follows:

Voting for:- Bialyk, Branston, Edwards, Foggin, Hannan, Harvey, Lamb, Deputy Lord Mayor, Morse, Owen, Packham, Pattison, Pearson, Robson, Sheldon, Sills, Sutton, Vizard M, Vizard N, Wardle, Warwick and Wood.

(22 Members)

Voting against:- Holland, Leadbetter, Mitchell, Musgrave, Newby, Pierce and Thompson.

(7 Members)

Abstentions:- The Lord Mayor and Prowse.

(2 Members)

Absent:- Begley, Denham, Foale, Gottschalk, Henson D, Mrs Henson, Keen and Wright

(8 Members)

In respect of Minute No.121 (Heart of South West Joint Committee Report), the Leader moved the recommendation, seconded by Councillor Sutton.




(1)        the progress report setting out the work of the Heart of the South West (HotSW) Joint Committee since its establishment in March 2018 be noted;


(2)        the development and endorsement of the HotSW Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) be delegated to the HotSW Joint Committee (noting that final approval of the HotSWLIS rests with the HotSW Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the Government) subject to reassurance that the Greater Exeter Industrial Strategy will be reflected in the HoTSW LIS;


(3)        the Budget statement for 2018/19 as set out in Appendix B be noted and that, in accordance with the decisions taken at the time the Committee was established, the Council will be asked to make an annual budgetary provision to meet the support costs of the Joint Committee in line with the 2018/19 contribution.  Final clarification on any additional 2019/20 budget requirement will be provided following the completion of the review of the Joint Committee’s role, function and management support arrangements and development of its work programme for 2019/20; and


(4)        agree the Budget and Cost-sharing Agreement set out in Appendix B to the circulated report.


In respect of Minute No.123 (Overview of Revenue Budget 2018/19), the Leader moved the recommendation, seconded by Councillor Sutton.




(1)        General Fund forecast financial position for the 2018/19 financial year be approved;


(2)        HRA forecast financial position for 2018/19 financial year be approved;


(3)        additional supplementary budget set out in 8.3.7 of the circulated report be approved;


(4)        outstanding Sundry Debt position as at November 2018 be noted; and


(5)        creditors’ payments performance be noted.


In respect of Minute No.124 (2018/19 Capital Monitoring Statement – Quarter 2), the Leader moved the recommendation, seconded by Councillor Sutton.


RESOLVED that the revision of the annual capital programme to reflect the reported variations detailed in 8.1, 8.4 and 8.5 of the circulated report be approved.


In respect of Minute No.126 (Safeguarding Policy), the Leader moved the recommendation, seconded by Councillor Sutton.


RESOLVED that the revised safeguarding policy be adopted.


In respect of Minute No.127 (Council Tax Support Scheme 2019/20), the Leader moved the recommendation, seconded by Councillor Sutton.


RESOLVED that the Council Tax Scheme for 2019/20 be approved and continue without substantive changes from the current year scheme.


In respect of Minute No.128 (Council Tax Long Term Empty Premium 2019/20), the Leader moved the recommendation, seconded by Councillor Sutton.


RESOLVED that the increase in the Council Tax Long-Term Empty Premium from 50% to 100% from the 1 April 2019 be adopted.


RESOLVED that the minutes of Executive held on 11 December 2018 be received and, where appropriate, adopted.




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