Agenda item

Presentation - Energiesprong

Adrian Pengelly - Service Lead Housing Assets will present information and explain the work that is being done on an Energiesprong housing retrofit as part of the update on the carbon agenda.


This is part of an example of a retrofit scheme that demonstrates what can be achieved and points to solution for retrofit schemes for existing Council housing stock. The City Council is also pioneering the Energiesprong standard for retrofit and Passivhaus standard for new build.


Ian Hutchcroft (Innovation Director Regen) will also be in attendance to share his experience of best practice and the challenge of making this main stream as part of the carbon neutral Exeter road map.



The Service Lead Housing Assets provided an update on the Council’s Housing stock asset management and development.  He introduced Ian Hutchcroft, Innovation Director, Regen and briefed Members on a pioneering retrofit scheme pilot to improve energy and maintenance in three pairs of semi-detached houses in Chestnut Avenue, using modern methods of construction and off site manufacturing in partnership with the Dutch company, Energiesprong.  The work was nearing completion and had utilised modern methods of energy efficiency with wrap around wall panels, triple glazing directly installed on the properties, improved insulation, solar panels on the roof to generate electricity to help meet the household needs of plentiful hot water and an ambient temperature. The product was guaranteed for 30 years. The knock on effect of more efficient and warmer houses for less cost, as well as improving the exterior could also lift aspiration in the local environment and offered an opportunity for the Council to further its social, financial and environmental responsibilities to their tenants. It was intended that this was not just best practice, but also next practice to share with neighbouring authorities.


Ian Hutchcroft advised that Energiespong, had been working with the Dutch Government to deliver net zero energy efficient homes in cooperation with the energy and construction sectors working together. The benefits included savings in maintenance costs and by tenants who paid a reduced energy bill, with a comfort charge in the form of a modest fixed monthly cost to the landlord. It was important to understand the technical changes with the supply chain and companies would need to overcome in their construction methods. The Chief Executive & Growth Director stated that every effort would be made to identify a funding solution to meet the challenges of fuel poverty and the carbon reduction agenda by 2030.


The Service Lead Housing Assets made the following responses to Members:-


  • the Housing Revenue Account has a capital programme of up to £12 million a year and work was being done to investigate how this might be re-aligned to look at  retrofit of these homes which would address the issues of fuel poverty and future maintenance as well as carbon reduction.
  • tenant engagement and the opportunity for individuals to have a control of their heating and household environment was key the fire rating for the pilot homes would be A1, and although the original building would be encapsulated rather than replaced, and issues in relation to the original building may remain, the building would be stabilised. The internal environment would also have an improved heating and ventilation system.
  • the necessary safety and structural condition survey checks would still be made, as well as a tenant check every two years.

·         the Council’s plans for energy management included a review of the Asset Management Plan and environmental use of all building and maintenance materials used as part of the end of life consideration of the building.


 The Director (BA) referred to the completion of the pilot, and she would share the outturn report with Members when it was available. The results of the pilot would be considered alongside other options for working towards net Carbon zero for the council’s housing stock. Following a request from a Member, the Director confirmed that a site visit of the pilot site would be arranged.