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Save Exeter Ski Slope

We the undersigned petition the council to WE CALL ON THE EXECUTIVE AND THE FULL EXETER CITY COUNCIL TO RESPECT THE RECOMMENDATION OF THE PLACE SCRUNITY COMMITTEE on 31st January 2019. with reference to 2.1a of the Recommendation, which now states: “To sell the Clifton Hill site (excluding the ski slope) for a mixed residential development……... to generate the best value for……......…accepting this report will leave this self sustaining fully inclusive sports and leisure club with its ability to continue to operate”.

This is a petition to save the Exeter Ski Club, our 50 year old member-run snowsports club in Devon, UK.
Exeter City Council, our landlords, were proposing to sell our volunteer-built ski slope site and surrounding green space for housing.
In a significant breakthrough, the Council’s Scrutiny Committee agreed on 31st January to amend the recommendation, and to remove the ski slope land from the sale, recognising the huge value of this community-run asset. However the Executive of the Council meets on 12th February and the full council meets on 26th February, we need them to honour this recommendation, because it is non-binding. We remain in jeopardy and the support of all snowsports enthusiasts, everywhere, is vital to our future.

We are a well-run club, focussed on accessibility for all, with a successful race team and a thriving Adaptive section including medallists at the Special Olympics. Our disabled skiers gain huge physical and mental wellbeing from skiing- for many, it is the only physical activity they can enjoy. The nearest equivalent Adaptive facility is over 100 miles away.

Join our 'Exeter Ski Club Members and Friends’ Facebook group, to find out in February whether the Council respects the recommendation. ( If you don't live in the city-get the link for the national petition there)

Many thanks indeed for all your support.

This ePetition ran from 01/02/2019 to 25/02/2019 and has now finished.

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