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Fleming Way & Gras Lawn Parks

We the undersigned petition the council to We the undersigned petition the council to continue to maintain Fleming Way and Gras Lawn parks, on the grounds that they are well used safe spaces for children to play in, and the only community hub in the neighbourhood, which thereby promotes physical and mental well being through community and activity, precisely what the council is seeking to promote. Stopping maintaining the parks would contravene the council’s own objectives by significantly reducing accessibility to play equipment for those living in this area and requiring children to cross busy roads to access parks.

We understand that the council plan to stop maintaining these parks to raise funds for new developments. Local children use these facilities for play and adults use the parks for social meet ups for our community. Stopping maintenance of these spaces will seriously impact the health and well being of residents in these neighbourhoods which seems to be in direct contravention of the objectives of the proposed plans.

This ePetition ran from 25/03/2019 to 03/05/2019 and has now finished.

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