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Save our Historic Exeter

request that the Council: 1. puts on hold any significant new developments: a) which affect heritage assets, b) which are not governed by existing policy, c) for which the Council has not conducted a needs assessment until the appropriate research and policies are in place. 2. urgently put additional and adequate resource towards research and development of these policies. 3. ensure approval occurs by historic bodies before buildings are validated for public consultation, meaning significant consultation and collaboration takes place with historic organisations.

Exeter is under threat. Exeter’s town plan (Local Plan) is out of date.

Exeter City Council lacks detailed, up-to-date policies and research to guide its decisions on planning applications. Because of the lack of adequate planning policies, developers can take advantage of the city and in the process destroy the heritage and ancient culture with inappropriate developments.

Why do we need new policies?
Without adequate policies, backed by in-depth research, city planners have no clear guidelines. Guidelines are crucial. Without guidelines developers are likely to find and use loopholes in planning policy to build what they want.
What research and policies do we need?

1. A housing needs assessment, backed by detailed, in-depth research.
2. Research-backed policies for every kind of development, including co-living.
3. Detailed policies for development in conservation areas including maximum heights of buildings.
4. Detailed policies for permanent, affordable, sustainable housing.
5. Detailed assessment of the need for a range of student accommodations, from affordable to luxury.
6. Urgent assessment of infrastructure levies.
7. Policies for the protection of green spaces and trees.
Without these policies we cannot maintain acceptable standards for dwellings, protect our city’s ancient heritage, design a sustainable future or defend the city’s green spaces and wild environments. Without up-to-date research, how can we be sure what kind of housing is needed, how much it should cost, where it should be – and where it shouldn’t be?

On reaching 200 signatures a full council debate will be held.

This Paper petition ran from 01/04/2020 to 02/07/2020 and has now finished.

2081 people signed this Paper petition.