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Drake's Barn Planning Breach Investigation

We the undersigned petition the council to We the undersigned, petition the council to re-investigate the discharge of conditions relating to application 17/1940. Paragraph 59 of the National Planning Policy Framework states that enforcement should be undertaken to maintain public confidence in the planning system. We suspect that the works carried out with regard to this application were not in accordance with the information submitted to the council.

Specifically, we urge the council to undertake an investigation into the assertion made by the applicant (Planning Portal Reference: PP-06603325) that the barn built above Mincinglake Valley Park “cannot be seen from a public road, public footpath, bridleway or other public land?” and was “reasonably necessary for the purpose of agriculture”. We request that the outcome of this investigation is included in the officer’s report relating to any future applications by the applicant at this site.

This ePetition ran from 27/02/2024 to 10/04/2024 and has now finished.

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