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Chris Martin For The Freedom Of Exeter Award

We the undersigned petition the council to award Chris Martin of Exeter the freedom of the city.

Chris Martin is a very successful musician.
He was born in Exeter in 1977 and attended the Exeter Cathedral School.
He lived just outside of Exeter in Whitestone.
Chris is the lead singer of Coldplay arguably the biggest music group in the world at this present time.
They have sold millions of records and played in front of millions of fans around the world.
They have also won 58 music awards.

Chris also does a lot of charity work that goes unheard of.

As a fellow Exonian it makes me proud that someone from our great city is at the top of the music industry and should fully deserve being honoured for his achievements.

This ePetition ran from 30/07/2014 to 01/09/2014 and has now finished.

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