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Exeter International Airport Consultative Group


To provide the Airport Management with the means to fulfil its duty under Section 35 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 (as amended) of providing adequate facilites for consultation with respect to any matter concerning the management or administration of the airport which affects the interests of the users, local authorities and organisations referred to in (2) below.


To consider any matter referred to the Consultative Group by the airport management and issues arising directly or indirectly from the operation of the airport.


Without detracting from the responsibility of management to manage the airport:


(a)               To provide an effective forum for the discussion of all matters concerning the development or operation of the airport which have an impact on users of the airport and on people living and working in the surrounding area.


(b)               To provide a positive and interactive process through which the concerns of interested parties can be taken into account – aiming to allow the efficient operation of the airfield while moderating its impact on local communities.


(c)               To provide a means of keeping all interested parties adequately informed of matters affecting them.


(d)               To provide an opportunity to try and reconcile any differences of view that may arise and for resolving difficulties through agreed voluntary action.


To consider complaints contained in the complaints record and individual letters about aircraft noise and any other adverse effects of the airport on the environment.

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Chief Executive
East Devon District Council
Blackdown House, Border Road
Heathpark Industrial Estate, Honiton
EX14 1EJ

Phone: 01395 516551

Website: www.esatdevon.gov.uk

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Email: CLane@eastdevon.gov.uk

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