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Exeter Food Action


Exeter Food Action grew out of Devon and Cornwall Food Action, and was formerly known as DCFA Exeter. In 2017 we became an independent organisation.


We started operation in 2011 as a joint community project, planned by a small group. Now we employ one part-time staff member, and have a team of over 50 volunteers. We are based at Spinning Path off Blackboy Road on the eastern edge of the city centre.


Our service is free, and we are financed entirely by grants and donations. We are not-for-profit, and are Registered Charity No. 1174174.


While we acknowledge wider social issues, we exist as an organisation in order to challenge the wastefulness that exists in our society, and do what we can with whatever food we can save.


Exeter Food Action rescues excess food from shops and suppliers, and redistributes it to charity organisations that feed people in Exeter.


All food received is donated to organisations that support more vulnerable people in Exeter, including those affected by hunger, homelessness, family breakdown, low incomes, poverty, benefit uncertainty, abuse, poor nutrition and those receiving palliative care. So we share food with soup kitchens, hostels, food banks, community cafés, schools, hospices, and others. Any group can access our food as long as they are local to us, and do not make a profit from the sale of the food. Food is not resold or given to individuals

Contact information

Jon Curtis

c/o Diocese of Exeter
The Old Deanery
The Cloisters

Email: exeterfoodaction@gmail.com