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A Business Improvement District is a way for businesses in a defined area to decide what they need to deliver to help their business to thrive.  A Business Plan was written that included these suggestions and businesses within the BID area had a chance to vote for the plan. The majority vote was in favour for the plan to go ahead.


Exeter BID Company is a company Ltd. by guarantee with a Board of Directors drawn from the Exeter business community and a senior representative of Exeter City Council. The company’s initial remit was to explore the potential for a BID.


Once the BID vote was successful the previous directors of the company stood down to be replaced by representatives nominated and elected by and from the BID levy payers of Exeter. This new Board of Directors is responsible for the implementation and governance of the BID throughout its lifetime. 


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Nicola Wheeler

22B Waterbeer Street
Guildhall Shopping & Dining

Email: nicola@inexeter.com

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