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Capacity and Convergence

Meeting: 27/09/2016 - Strata Joint Executive Committee (Item 26)

Global Desk Top Demonstration and Presentation

Presentation by the Chief Operating Officer.





that the presentation be noted.

Reason for Decision:


As set out in the presentation



The Servicedesk Team Leader gave a presentation of the Global Desk Top.


Members were shown how the global desk top operated including:-

·         new applications which included Microsoft office 2013;

·         the new look outlook;

·         instant messaging including group conversations and officers availability;

·         the use of Skype as a telephone system;

·         how the system keep data saved in a power cut; and

·         how the remote login works.


Executive were advised that the instant messages are recorded for audit purposes in a similar way to email Members would be consulted on the options for their future IT  - global desk top or office 365 in due course.


The Chief Operating Officer advised on progress with the roll-out of the Global Desktop (GD). Following initial problems with two or three software glitches at Exeter, roll-out there had been delayed until April of this year but more major difficulties had been experienced at East Devon District Council, and as a result, the management teams had changed the priority of migration. It was now anticipated that completion would occur by April 2017.The change of plan for the roll out of the GD meant that Teignbridge would migrate to the GD by the end of year with East Devon following. 600 staff had been transferred to GD with the total number to be 1,800.


The Chief Operating Officer gave an update on the Capacity and Convergence Plan.


·         the convergence plan could take up to five years to complete as identified in the original Business Case;

·         assessment of timing and delivery of project planning was based on staff resources and ability of councils to manage change;

·         the time lines for the projects were constantly moving for example the Bacs project had to move forward to take account of changes in regulations;

·         there were 20 Analysts to deal with business change requests as well as take forward projects - basic rules and guidelines were being introduced to manage projects and time scales;

·         a key element of the Business Case and Delivery team was the split between project and other work and project work was split between high and low intensity; and

·         there were currently 60 projects, of which 35 were at the delivery stage, there were also 365 business change requests.


The Chief Operating Officer clarified that meetings take place with Senior Officers for them to identify their IT priorities; there was capacity to deal with projects and business requests but it would be a case of each Council also identifying their priorities.


RESOLVED that the presentations be noted.


Meeting: 15/09/2016 - Strata Joint Scrutiny Committee (Item 37)

Global Desktop - Presentation

Presentation by the Chief Operating Officer


The Service Desk Team Leader presented the main features of the new Global Desktop focusing on the Outlook and Skype facilities, demonstrating the latter through contacting a colleague elsewhere in the building.


Strata Joint Scrutiny Committee noted the report.