Issue - meetings

Strata@4 Update

Meeting: 25/09/2018 - Strata Joint Executive Committee (Item 27)

Strata@4 Update

To consider the verbal report of the Strata IT Director.






That the verbal report be noted.

Reason for Decision:


As set out in the report.






The Strata IT Director reported that Dr Tim Gibson had met with the two Chief Executives and one Managing Director of the three authorities and had provided an independent report on the development of the Strata organisation over the last four years.  The report would be shared with Members at the end of October, and would be released to coincide with the launch of the draft Strata Business Plan.  


The Board requested the details of the report be shared as widely as possible with Members and staff in the three authorities.


Strata Joint Scrutiny Committee had considered a verbal report at its meeting on 24 September 2018.


RESOLVED that the verbal report be noted.