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Report on Member Training

Meeting: 10/01/2023 - Executive (Item 11)

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To consider the report of the Director Corporate Services.


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RESOLVED that the Executive note the Members’ Training report.


Reason for Decision: As set out in the report.






The Executive received the report which provided an update on the progress of work on the Members’ training programme. The also report highlighted Members’ attendance for the various training sessions, which had been held since August 2022 and feedback statistical data on training or briefing sessions attended. The report also highlighted attendance for the various tour and shadowing opportunities made available to Members during the period and highlighted the number of completed certificates received for the new on-line training platform.


Particular reference was made to:-


·        the report had been updated to provide a statistical breakdown of the attendance and feedback data, allowing the report to be presented in the public part of the meeting;

·        since the report publication, the number of completed certificates for the online training platform had risen to 17 and Councillor records had been updated accordingly; and

·        there had been fewer training events held in the period, due to cancellation and rescheduling following the death of Her Majesty the Queen. The attendance figures presented, were on par with the previous quarter and the trend showed that had the training events continued, there would have been a positive improvement in the attendance figures.


During the discussion the following points were raised:-


·        the City Council had been awarded the Carbon Literacy Bronze Award status based on the number of staff and Members who had undertaken the training;

·        the report reflected the significant improvement in attendance, which was supported by the different ways in which training was undertaken. Thanks were given to all the officers who provided training, tours and shadowing opportunities to Members;

·        it was encouraging to see Members undertaking the training opportunities provided and thanks were given to the Democratic Services team for their work on expanding and improving the training programme; and

·        The Councillor Development Steering Group would be looking to contact more experienced Members to help with training new Councillors, following the election in May 2023.


In response to a question raised, the Democratic Services Team Leader advised that at the time of writing the report, the data for the Carbon Literacy training was not available, but would be included as part of the figures in the next quarterly report.


The Chair welcomed the work being undertaken by the Councillor Development Steering Group and recognised the need to have training available to develop Councillor skills and using experienced Members to support new Members.


RESOLVED that the Executive note the Members’ Training report.