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Virtual Meeting, Licensing Committee - Tuesday 2nd February 2021 5.30 pm

Venue: Legislation has been passed that allows Council's to conduct Committee meetings remotely

Contact: Mark Devin, Democratic Services Officer (Committees)  Telephone 01392 265477 or email


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To approve and sign the minutes of the meetings held on 27 October and 30 November 2020.


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The minutes of the meeting held on 27 October and 30 November 2020 were taken as read, approved for signing as correct by the Chair at the earliest convenience.




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Licensing Fees and Charges for 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 253 KB

To consider the report of the Service Lead - Environmental Health & Community Safety.


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The Licensing Committee received the annual report for the proposed licensing fees and charges for 2021/22. The Licensing Committee had a statutory responsibility to set fees for the year which related to the cost of performing the various Licensing functions.


Members were referred to the appendix attached to the report, which listed all the fees levied by the Licensing Authority. The Service Lead- Environmental Health & Community Safety explained that the fees under the Licensing Act 2003 and Gambling Act 2005 were set by legislation and therefore, could not be amended by the Licensing Committee, but these were included in the report for full disclosure. The remainder fees were matters which that could be amended, however, the fees set could only cover the cost of delivering the individual licensing function to which they related.


Particular reference was made to the difficulties faced by various licensing trades, which, the Licensing Authority was greatly aware of, but were not in a position to set aside fees. The Government was, however, making provisions through various grant schemes to provide financial assistance.


In response to questions from Members, the Service Lead- Environmental Health & Community Safety explained: -


·        There had been significant changes made to animal welfare legislation, which had put a higher burden on the Licensing Authority to meet certain criteria before a licence could be issued. Officers were required to undertake specific qualifications to discharge duties and there were additional requirements with regard to rating establishments and the frequency of inspections undertaken by licensing officers. This had in turn increased the tariffs for dog breeding and riding establishments.


·        The majority of gambling was now being undertaken through online platforms, rather than through high street establishments, which were regulated by the Gambling Commission. A review was being undertaken by the Department Culture Media and Sport of the current Gambling Act 2005 legislation. The Licensing Committee could, through the Chair, provide feedback in respect of this.


·        There hadn’t been a change to the fee for hypnosis, which had its own legislation and in turn, was also varied across the country for different authorities.


Members commented on the review of the Gambling Act 2005 and the importance of the discussing the matter of gambling in relation to people’s mental health and wellbeing, particularly during the lockdown period. The Service Lead- Environmental Health & Community Safety confirmed that the closing date for the call for evidence on the review of the Gambling Act 2005 was midnight on Wednesday the 31 March 2021. He would circulate the link to the Licensing Committee Members, who could provide feedback and bring the matter to a future Licensing Committee meeting.


RESOLVED that the proposed Fees and Charges for the period from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 be approved as set out in the report.