Agenda and minutes

Exeter Strategic Board - Monday 26th November 2018

Venue: Rennes Room, Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter

Contact: Howard Bassett, Democratic Services Officer (Committees)  01392 265107 or email

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These were received from Councillors Sutton and Thompson.



Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 June 2018 pdf icon PDF 148 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 21 June 2018 be taken as read, approved and signed by the Chair as correct.




Exeter Youth Forum - Presentation by Forum members pdf icon PDF 1 MB


The Chair welcomed Nathan McCabe, Participation Team Leader, Young Devon, Cassie Brennan, Participation Lead Worker, Young Devon, Kian Leeper, Marie Moustache and Emily Stanley of Exeter Youth Voice to the meeting. They spoke to the attached presentation highlighting the following:-


·         the involvement in the Respect Festival;

·         participation in a Freshers Fair at Exeter College over two days; and

·         a Question and Answer Session with City and County Councillors supported by Ben Bradshaw MP.


The following responses were given to Members’ questions:-


·         the Forum currently comprised seven members which it was shortly hoped to increase to 15. The age range of Forum members were 14-20 with the age range of those the Forum was seeking to engage ranging from 13 to 21;

·         the Forum was looking to hold recruitment events at different communities in Exeter and to use social media as a forum for connecting to young people;

·         a further goal was to create an online document of all activities for young people in Exeter to show things to do and places to go; and

·         there had been much interest in Young Devon at the Respect Festival and Respect was an area the Forum was passionate in and would be working further in this area.


Responding to Members’ suggestions, the Forum would look to work to connect with Community Associations and the Devon Youth Parliament as well as working alongside the County and City Councils.


Members thanked the Young Devon representatives for a comprehensive, informative and interesting presentation.


RESOLVED that the Community Programme Manager make recommendations to the next Board meeting on future support for the Exeter Youth Voice programme.


Councillor John Hart, Leader, Devon County Council


The Chair welcomed Councillor John Hart, Leader of Devon County Council, who spoke on the future direction and plans of the County Council in light of Government policy and continued cuts to local government funding.


He highlighted some of the issues:-


·         there were huge financial pressures on the Council, with a current anticipated deficit of £10 million out of a £1.3 billion budget;

·         budget pressures included an increase in the Minimum wage bill from £11 million to £21 million in two years, continued increase in people over the age of 65 and associated costs of support with 52% of the adult services budget committed to disability issues and increasing challenges within the children’s service with the cost of a single child in care being £5,000 per week;

·         the County was looking to increase its budgets for Children’s Services and Adult Services;

·         the County would benefit from a £18.75 million increase in its highway maintenance budget from Government a value for money approach to continue where 20% of the County’s roads are used by 80% of Devon’s population;

·         general reduction in complaints including letters from MP’s, including those relating to pot holes;

·         since 2009, the County Council had invested £1.2 billion in the County’s infrastructure and to help achieve savings the council’s work force having been cut from 9,000 to 3,800;

·         it had been a policy decision to retain the farm estate and, with a £4 million investment since 2009, its value had increased from £10 to £80 million for its 9,900 acres of farm estate.


He responded as follows to Members’ queries:-


·         recognise concerns regarding the change in youth service provision particularly in the West Exe area and the need for safety works to a retaining wall in Exwick, noting that the local County Councillor would pursue the latter issue;

·         the County subsidises bus travel for seniors but unfortunately the Government resists a £10 per annum bus pass charge in spite of a £30 charge levied for rail passes. The County has also contributed significantly to Exeter’s cycle network; and

·         the County had always followed a prudent investment policy. Any issues on this matter could be raised at through appropriate channels at the County Council such as the Scrutiny process.


Other issues raised with Councillor Hart included school provision in general in the County and specific areas of Exeter including Monkerton and south west Exeter, the Business Rates Retention Scheme pilot and the likely impact of the new Business Rates regime and the forthcoming vote on Brexit.


The Chair thanked Councillor Hart for attending.




Exeter Board Grants - Update


Dawn Rivers updated the Board on progress with the Crowd Funding pilot. To date, £5,000 had been awarded against two projects that had raised a total of £13,876 so far. The Crowdfund pilot was funded through joint Devon County Council Devon Communities Together and City Council funding.


RESOLVED that a further report be submitted to the January Board meeting.



Funding Sub Group - Minutes of the meeting held on 7 November 2018 pdf icon PDF 57 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the Funding Sub Group meetings held on 7 November 2018 be noted.



Feedback from Member representation on Multi Agency Groups pdf icon PDF 86 KB

(a)  Exeter Community Health and Wellbeing Board


Minutes of the meeting held on 10 July 2018.


(b)  Community Safety Partnership – Executive Group


Minutes of the meetings held on 4 July and 10 October 2018.


Additional documents:


Exeter Community, Health and Wellbeing Board


The Board noted the minutes of the meeting held on 10 July 2018.


Community Safety Partnership – Executive Group


The Board noted the minutes of the meeting held on 4 July and 10 October 2018.






Dates of Future Meetings

Thursday 31 January 2019

Thursday 20 June 2019

Thursday 19 September 2019

Thursday 14 November 2019

Thursday 30 January 2020

Thursday 18 June 2020

Thursday 17 September 2020




The following dates of future Board meetings were noted, all commencing at 5.30pm in the Civic Centre.


Thursday 31 January 2019

Thursday 20 June 2019

Thursday 19 September 2019

Thursday 14 November 2019

Thursday 30 January 2020

Thursday 18 June 2020

Thursday 17 September 2020