Draft minutes

Exeter Allotments Forum - Thursday 26th May 2016 7.00 pm

Proposed venue: Rennes Room, Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter. View directions

Contact: Daniel Smith - Customer Service Team Manager  Email: allotments@exeter.gov.uk 01392 265370

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Apologies -Rob Shields, Councillor Denham and Councillor Lyons.



Minutes of last meeting


Minutes agreed with one amendment regarding the removal of the word federation in regards to the Sub group.


The agreed wording now reads as - It was agreed that a sub group should be formed to look at options for the devolution of the Allotment Services.  Whilst recognising the short time scales involved the sub-group would report their findings back to the Annual meeting on 26 May 2016.



Review the terms of reference


The title of the allotments portfolio holder has changed to Place and is now held by Councillor Hannaford, the new portfolio holder for community and neighbourhood is also invited to attend future meetings.

Both of these will be non-voting members of the forum, ECC Councillors will still be encouraged to attend meetings however they will no longer be able to vote on the forum.


Report from Sub group –regarding future management structures addressed by Simon James. After discussing the various options it was decided that option 4 (formation of an Exeter wide self-management scheme) should be explored further, with funding options being explored for independent research into its viability. This was voted on by the members with 12 for and 2 against and 2 abstaining.




Updates from Dan Smith


Agreed to send out new bonfire times which will come into effect this September also to be added to the ECC web page.


2016-2017 Allotment rules still being drafted, the forum will be notified of any changes at the next Meeting.  Breakdown of finances for the allotments were requested by members of the forum, ECC will attempt to provide for the next forum meeting.



Election of Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary


Bill Martin and Faith Stafford were elected Co-Chair with 13 for and 0 against, David Haye was elected Vice Chair and the Secretary’s role will be shared amongst regular members.



Any Other Business


The cost of maintaining and emptying compost toilets was raised and Dan Smith agreed to find out more accurate costing.



Future meetings


The next meeting is scheduled for the 21st July 2016.