Agenda and draft minutes

Exeter Allotments Forum - Thursday 6th April 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: Rennes Room, Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter. View directions

Contact: Daniel Smith - Customer Service Team Manager  Email: 01392 265370

No. Item



To receive apologies.


Apologies were received in advance from - Bill Martin - Joint Chair and Rob Shields - Rackfields.

Dan Smith expressed on behalf of the forum members condolences to Paul Bull's wife and family following his untimely death.  Paul was the first chair of the Forum and will be missed by all concerned.



Minutes and matters arising from last meeting

To agree the minutes of the last meeting held on the 19th January.


Minutes of 19th January 2017 read and agreed as accurate.

Dan Smith - Minutes of previous meetings have now been placed on the Council website.

Becky Wells - Advised the forum that the S.T.A.A. annual show will take place on Saturday 22nd July in St Thomas church hall (Cowick Street).  All are cordially invited. Guest table can be provided for any site wishing to participate.



Election of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary

A vote from members on any names put forward for the positions for the coming year


Dan Smith invited nominations for the above posts.

Faith Stafford expressed a desire to continue as Chair and was duly elected by majority.

David Hayes agreed to continue as Vice Chair and was elected by majority.

The position of Secretary will be held jointly by David Hayes and Ron Blakey.



Allotment Service Update

The Public Realm Customer Services Team Manager will provide an update



Dan Smith - Budget for year ending March 31st has been used up. The budget for site works for the next financial year is a little smaller but most major works that are necessary should go ahead. 

Roger Crane (Public Realm Services Manager) has retired and that position is temporarily filled by Paul Faulkner.

Dan advises that Prince Charles road site is in the process of changing to combination padlocks.  The situation will be monitored with a view to a citywide rollout.  Individual sites would manage any need for changes to combinations.  This change may reduce expenditure on maintenance of keyed padlocks.

Cleaning and maintenance of site toilets.

Dan advise that any remuneration to persons who clean/maintain site toilets could make them liable for health and safety training in chemical usage, as well as fulfilling HR training as they would become de facto council employees.  A site of the regulations regarding usage/storage of such chemicals was thought to be of use to sites. Dan will investigate ECC policy further but it might be that in future cleaners will have to do the role on a voluntary, unpaid basis.

Action Dan - clarification re payment to sites/associations for "Toilet tasks" as needed.



Chair and Vice Chair Update

Mr Bill Martin, Ms Faith Stafford and Mr David Hayes are invited to provide any update that they wish to include



David advised that hedge laying on Topsham site had been successful and the cost for work done and past and future training to be met from local councilors private funds.

Chair advised that Bill Martin (joint chair) has retired from the forum.  Thanks go to Bill for his contributions to S.T.A.A. and his work as Joint chair of the Forum.

Chair raised the subject of taking site agreements with the Council to the next level.  As no report has yet been received from the floor, and following general discussion it was decided that no further action to be taken at this time.



Bonfire times for next season

Discuss a resolution for adjusted bonfire timings





Following complaints from residents adjacent to several sites around the city and from plot holders themselves a revision of bonfire time is to take place. Following discussion the favored option appeared to be:

1st. -30th. Sept - every Tuesday and Saturday from 12.00.

1st Oct. - 31st. Mar - every Tuesday and the first Saturday of the month from 12.00.

Rules on bonfires (including materials allowed/prohibited) to be re-promulgated. Also advice on recycling/composting of materials could be of use to plot holders.

Action Dan – Advertise revised times to tenants and neighbors.



Advanced Topics Raised by Forum Members

Sue Chedzoy


·         Food Glorious Food appeal

·         Short talk by Johanna Korndorfer regarding participation in a Community Feast event



Guest speaker Johanna Korndorfer explained the role of the Community Feast that is to take place in Belmont Parks on Saturday 1st. July 2017.  This feast is to highlight food issues locally and worldwide. There will be samples of locally sourced food and the opportunity to exchange recipes and food based ideas.  Plot holders wishing to contribute and surplus produce or have any recipes they think may be of use can contact Johanna direct by email at;

Sue Chedzoy (Hamlin Lane) advised the forum that the organisation "Food Glorious Food" working with schools and community groups throughout our city cultivating small plots of land for food production would welcome assistance from allotment plot holders.  Any plot holder wishing to participate can contact them through their website, Food glorious food 2017.



Waiting lists/Vacant plots

To conclude any other business.


Dan advises that citywide there are approx. 60 vacant plots and a waiting list of approx. 180 persons. A six to twelve month wait (depending on site requested) exists at the moment. It appears that a year of shared management is producing positive results.


Date of Next Meeting

To agree the date of the next meeting;


·         20th July

·         12th October



The date of the next meeting was agreed for the 20th July.