Agenda and draft minutes

Exeter Allotments Forum - Thursday 8th February 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: Rennes Room, Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter. View directions

Contact: Daniel Smith - Customer Service Team Manager  Email: 01392 265370

No. Item



To receive apologies.


Councilors Stephen Brimble (Mincinlake and Whipton) and Heather Morris (St. Thomas). Councillor Morris will be standing down in May as she is moving out of the area

Angela Redmon (Pinces Gardens) and Rob Shields (Rackfields)



Allotment Service Update

Daniel Smith will provide an update on the following;

a.    Data Protection update

b.    Legionella changes to site water supplies

c.    Site security/recent break-ins to trading sheds


Daniel Smith (Exeter City Council allotments officer)

Data Protection Update

Forthcoming changes to the Data Protection Act should not impact greatly on the management of sites.  Some changes will be made to tenancy agreements and also to the shared management agreements.  All tenants will be contacted asking if they would still agree to personal information being shared.  Lorraine Betts (Exeter City Council) will be providing a "Hints and Tips" document to assist site management committees.

David Hayes (Topsham)

Site management require guidance on secure Emails and safe storage of personal information.

Dan Smith is still in discussion with Lorraine Betts on this issue and advice will be forthcoming.

Legionella changes to site water supplies.

Legionella checks have been carried out on water supplies at sites citywide. The risk from open tanks are small but Health and Safety require any taps on site to be removed as their infrequent use poses a greater risk of harboring the legionella bacteria.

Margaret Grapes (Mincinglake) - Mincinglake have disabled allotmenteers who use tap on site for water to make drinks etc.

Faith Stafford (Chair) Suggested that taps could be run for a specified time on a regular basis and the action logged by a responsible person at each site and submitted on a monthly (?) basis to E.C.C.

David Hayes (Vice Chair) - suggested that all tenants should be advised regarding these checks and subsequent council action.

Action - Dan Smith - Liaise with Council Health and Safety re suggested tap running/recording

Letters to tenants re Council legionella checks and subsequent actions.

There followed a general discussion regarding the use of pressure sprayers. Becky Wells (Cowick) suggested that as sprayers are used in the open the likelihood of risk was a very small one.

Site security/recent burglaries of trading sheds.

Dan Smith advised the forum that there had been three recent burglaries at two sites and cash tins targeted. Reminded the forum the inadvisability of leaving cash on site and has produced "NO MONEY LEFT ON THIS SITE OVERNIGHT" signs for the use of sites.

Tim Snell (Newman Road) stated that at a recent meeting in a public house, in full view and hearing of other customers an obvious breach of security regarding association monies occurred. Margaret Grapes (Mincinglake) suggested that efforts to use private spaces in Public Houses etc. should be made for such meetings.


Chair and Vice Chair Update

Ms Faith Stafford and Mr David Hayes are invited to provide any update that they wish to include


Faith Stafford (Chair). Items for discussion should where possible be submitted to Dan Smith for inclusion i the agenda rather than raised under "any other business"

Compost Clinic.

Recycle Devon are running a FREE compost clinic on 24th. March, featuring Nicky Scott the original Compost Doctor, at Holy Trinity Church Centre Exeter 10.00 until 12.00.

Interested persons should visit to find out more and to book your FREE place.



Advanced topics raised by forum members

Simon James (Mincinglake) – ECC Allotment Strategy


Margaret Grapes (Mincinglake) for Simon James (unable to attend)

E.C.C. Allotment strategy

Dan Smith advises that the strategy remains as is, with individual sites able to increase their involvement up to and including site self-management.



Any other business


Dan Smith - The use of Smartwater marking and the prominent notices at sites appears to have had a positive effect with reported thefts from sites much reduced. PCSO Ellen Hola will be advised and the possibility of inviting her return to register new tenants will be explored.

Action - Faith Stafford.

Becky Wells (Cowick) - Suggested to site managers that plot inspections should commence at the end of February to identify plots that are not being cultivated.  By regular inspection tenants should be aware that these inspection take place and are for the common good.

Graham Yarwood (Prince Charles Road) Requests list of evicted tenants and an up to date list of potholders.

Action - Dan Smith. To provide list as requested.



To agree minutes from the last meeting.


Minutes of 12 October 2017 read and accepted as a true record.



Date of Next Meeting

To agree the date of the next meeting.


·         17th May 2018

·         16th August 2018



Dates for next two Forum meetings: -

  • 17th.May 2018
  • 16th. Aug 2018