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Human Resources Report

To consider the report of the Strata Lead for Human Resources.



Simon Davey presented the report of the Strata Lead for Human Resources outlining the Human Resource and cost implications provided to the Strata Board in respect of restructuring and offering staff new Strata terms and conditions by adopting a phased strategy based on affordability and business need. The report also provided an update on recent meetings with the Strata Staff Joint Forum and Employee Representatives as well as agreements made with the Board in relation to annual appraisals, learning and development and staff engagement.


Some restructuring and new appointments had already been made producing a saving of £200,000, which was on target. Restructuring would create additional ongoing costs and potentially one off costs. These were £108,000 per year in increased salary costs plus some potential one off redundancy costs of up to £58,000. 


Normal personnel issues, to be expected from a 70 strong workforce, were occurring and it was noted that a resignation would take effect in 2016 in respect of an individual.


Discussion took place on the transfer of staff to new contracts. Staff were keen for a quick transfer but this had not been implemented yet until the full cost of implementation in relation to the Business Case was clear. The majority of jobs to be transferred were like for like, with a small number potentially involving differences in responsibilities. Regarding redundancy policy, staff terms and conditions from the transferring Council  would be honoured but that this would not apply to staff joining from outside.


Redundancy terms for Strata staff who had tupe’d to the new company had been agreed with UNISON and a collective agreement has been drawn up to reflect this.  Staff who tupe from a council would be entitled to the redundancy payment terms of that council (including any revisions made) until such time as the collective agreement is further reviewed. UNISON had agreed with the proposal that new staff would be entitled to a reduced redundancy package which is still greater than the statutory amounts. It had also been agreed with UNISON that the phasing for restructuring the teams would be agreed with them in advance prior to consultation commencing.


Members noted that the report had already been agreed by the Strata Joint Executive Committee at its meeting on 24 November 2015 and that they had not therefore had the opportunity to discuss the report first. They agreed that, logically, the scrutiny process should come before Executive decision making in order for any views and comments to be passed on to Executive and they asked that the scheduling of both meetings be reviewed.


The Strata Joint Scrutiny Committee - Community:-


(1)        noted the report and the approach proposed in relation to restructuring terms and offering Strata terms and conditions which, subject to costs, was scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2016;


(2)        noted the agreements made at the Staff Joint Forum with UNISON; and;


(3)        asked that the timetable and regularity of Strata Joint Executive Committee and Strata Joint Scrutiny Committee meetings for the remainder of 2015/16 and 2016/17 be reviewed for new dates to be identified to ensure that Scrutiny Committees come before Executives meetings.


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