Agenda item

Public Questions


The Lord Mayor reported the receipt of three questions from the public.


Mr Thompson to Councillor Bialyk, Leader.


Mr Thompson was not present and his question was read out by the Corporate Manager Democratic and Civic Support.

Could the Leader confirm if Planning Applications, for example Planning Application 19/1105/FUL, would have consent reviewed if such applications were presented at  Internal Briefings (public excluded), rather than the  Planning Committee (open to the public), if it was subsequently considered this procedure had breached the City Council’s Planning Code of Conduct.


It is not possible to give a specific response to a general question. Each case would be dealt with based on the relevant facts.

Marilyn Spurr to Councillor Sutton, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Climate and Culture


Given the Council acknowledges the climate emergency, will it give the same prominence on your web site as the Coronavirus information? This would be an inexpensive way to inform the public, encourage them to take action and prepare them for the policies you will need to pursue to achieve your goals.



Yes. Considerable prominence had to be given on social media platforms in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Council website and social media platforms will be utilised to promote the Council’s response and ambitions to the Climate Emergency in order for all citizens and visitors to Exeter to respond positively to the challenges ahead.


Mrs Spurr asked a Supplementary question.


Can a timescale be provided?




The website will shortly be updated as part of the Council’s Net Zero Carbon ambitions.


Adrian Sargood to Councillor Bialyk, Leader.


Whilst the Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan is not on the agenda it will be discussed at a 'Place Board'. In view of Exeter declaring a climate emergency, what priority will the Council and Place Board give to the Plan in relation to other plans the Council has, or will, develop?




The minutes of Executive held on the 2June are being considered by Council tonight with a recommendation that Council adopt the net-zero Exeter 2030 Plan. It should be self-evident that, having adopted the Net Zero Plan, it will inform all priorities of the City Council. It is also recommended that, because the City Council cannot require other organisations to adopt the Net Zero Plan, the Liveable Exeter Place Board be requested to adopt the Plan on behalf of the city as a whole. This would potentially leverage in many more of the city’s key organisations and businesses and increase the influence and impact of the Council’s decision to adopt the Plan.  


Mr Sargood asked a Supplementary question.


Is there any budget being proposed for the implementation of the Plan?




This is a very important issue but, because of the huge financial pressures the Council is under as identified in the Emergency Budget being considered this evening, there is no explicit budget for this purpose. The Council however is committed to working with organisations and communities in the city to achieve its aspirations in the Plan and to address this emergency and is one of only five local authorities in the country with such a Plan. Reports will be made to future meetings of the Executive on progress.