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Public Questions

Details of questions should be notified to the Democratic Services Manager at least three working days prior to the meeting - by 10am on Thursday 7 December 2023. Further information and a copy of the procedure are available from Democratic Services (Committees) (Tel: 01392 265115) with details about speaking at Council to be found here: Public Speaking at Meetings.



The Lord Mayor reported the receipt of questions from members of the public.


Question from Mr Ian Frankum to the Leader


Four Exeter City Council councillors voted for and advocated the current Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) trial. Recent Freedom of Information requests indicate response times from some Emergency Service vehicles have lengthened when compared to July (pre LTN). Does the Council share my concern at this and what steps can they take to monitor this and keep Exeter citizens safe?


Response from the Leader, Councillor Bialyk


Members of the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) made their decision to support the LTN pilot schemes based on the best available information supplied to them.  None of the Members of the Committee were ‘whipped’ by their political parties to vote in a particular way. ECC is neither the Highway Authority nor the Transport Authority and therefore does not have any statutory powers or remit over these matters. However, should we become aware of issues concerning the LTN schemes we will report them to the County Council.


Mr Frankum asked a supplementary question and referred to 11 recorded occasions of Emergency Service vehicles blocked and therefore rerouted. He asked if, in the event of a critical incident or even a fatality resulting from this, the Council believed that some Members would have to share responsibility.


The Leader responded that he did not share that view and it would be wrong to lay any blame on members of the Council, reminding Mr Frankum that Members had had a free vote on the matter. He further advised that the consultation was underway and that changes to the scheme may occur as a result of the findings.


Question from Mr James Banyard provided the following response:- 


It is great to see the gradual roll out of food waste collection from resident’s homes. There are still parts of Exeter where this is not happening. When will everyone in the city have the opportunity to leave their food waste outside their door, and have it collected by the Council?


Response from the Portfolio Holder for Place and City Management, Councillor R Williams


Thank you for the opportunity to update on the food waste collection. The Food waste rollout for the city has reached its maximum capacity under the term of our Environment Agency Operating Licence for our Exton Road depot. To enable further expansion, we require dedicated food waste bays and several environmental enhancements, including dedicated food waste bays with sealed surface drainage and enhanced fire suppression systems. The funding for these works has been approved, estimates and designs progressed, and the works will shortly be tendered. Once construction is complete and the operating permit revised, we will be able to continue our food waste roll out to the remainder of the city. We expect this to take at least 18 months.


Mr Banyard asked a supplementary question about the temporary measures which would be put in place for the 18-month period to bring forward the universal food waste collection.


The Portfolio Holder for Place and City Management responded that every effort had been made to get more out of the system and that a further 600 collections had been rolled out in the present week alone. There were no plans other than the current course of action and ensuring the rollout happens in the shortest possible timescale.


Question from Mr Clive Hutchings


Mr Clive Hutchings was unable to attend the meeting to present his question on air quality and, in accordance with Standing Order 19(4) (B) in the Council’s Constitution, both question and answer would be published on the City Council website and appended to the minutes.


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