Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Executive is responsible for most of the day to day decisions of the Council which are not delegated to officers.  It is made up of the Leader of the Council, Portfolio Holders (also known as lead councillors) who have responsibilities for various service areas, and other councillors.  All political groups on the Council have a seat on the Executive.


It develops policies and strategies for approval by Council, exercises overall control of resources within the Council’s policies and budget, and recommends the level of council tax to the Council.  It also considers any matters specifically referred by a Scrutiny Committee.  All “key decisions” to be discussed or made are published in the Executive’s Forward Plan in so far as they can be anticipated.


Contact information

Support officer: John Street, Corporate Manager Democratic & Civic Support. Telephone 01392 265106 or email

Postal address:
Civic Centre
Paris Street

Phone: 01392 265106


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