Committee details

Exeter Harbour Board

Purpose of committee

The Harbour Board sits within the existing committee structure of Exeter City Council and consists of six Exeter City Council Members and also six external representatives. who have a broad experience and interest in the workings of a harbour and its operational environment.  The Chair is the Portfolio Holder with responsibility for the city’s waterways.


Exeter City Council is the Port Authority for the Exe Estuary, some non-tidal sections of the River Exe and the Exeter Ship Canal. This stretches from Blackaller Weir (in Bonhay Road, Exeter) to a safe water mark a mile off the Exmouth beach. The Board is responsible for the management of the Port of Exeter and will meet every quarter. The Board’s duties include preparing an annual business plan for the service, monitoring compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code and consulting harbour users and other stakeholders.


The Terms of Reference for the Board is as follows:


(a)  To maintain strategic oversight and direction of all aspects of the Harbour operation, including marine safety;


(b)  To be responsible for the development of policies, plans, systems and procedure for safe navigation;


(c)   To ensure that all assessments and reviews are undertaken as required to maintain and improve marine safety;


(d)  to ensure that the harbour authority sees and adopts appropriate powers for the effective enforcement of their regulations, and for the setting dues at a level which adequately funds the discharge of all their duties;


(e)  To appoint a Designated Person to provide independent assurance directly to the Duty Holder that the Marine Safety management system is working effectively; and


(f)    To investigate the potential for applying for a Harbour Revision Order to empower the Council to take enforcement action on issues such as dangerous use of jet skis through Special Directions and to oversee a review of the Bye-Laws covering the Estuary.



Contact information

Support officer: Sharon Sissons, Democratic Services Offier. Telephone 01392 265115 or email