Issue - decisions

Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan: A Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

03/06/2020 - Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan


RECOMMENDED that Council approve:-


(1)  The adoption of the Net-Zero Exeter 2030 Plan as Council policy to inform all policy documents, plans and corporate decision making in response to the Climate Emergency and in pursuance of the goal to make Exeter a carbon neutral city by 2030;

(2)  the Liveable Exeter Place Board as the appropriate body to adopt the Liveable Exeter Place plan on behalf of the city of Exeter;

(3)  authorising the Chief Executive & Growth Director, in consultation with the Leader of the Council, to explore opportunities to secure investment and to create mechanisms for funding the programmes set out in the plan; and

(4)  the Chief Executive & Growth Director to report to Executive on how the City Council will deliver the actions set out in the section “what Exeter City Council can do”, once the financial position of the City Council has been clarified with Government financial support as a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis.


Reason for Decision:

As set out in the report.