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RSAP Capital S106 June 2021

19/07/2021 - RSAP Capital S106 June 2021

As a urgent matter under the Council’s Finance Regulations, to create a budget for expenditure to be incurred as part of the Government’s and Council’s work to address rough sleeping, in particular, as a response to the greater risk to people experiencing homelessness as a result of the pandemic.


The Council is to bid for Homes England capital funds of £1.7M with a proportionate capital contribution of £1.532M from un-ring-fenced S106 funds for affordable housing. The Council will also be bidding for a complimentary revenue grant bid from central government.


Therefore as the expenditure budget is from uncommitted S106 funds there is no impact on the council’s General Fund Balance.


This decision will be reported to the next meeting of Executive and Council. 


Under Standing Orders 13, 16 & 17 of the Constitution, urgent decisions can be taken which are exempt from the call-in period. However if approved, for transparency purposes, it is intended to publish the decision and exercise the 5 day call-in period as a matter of due process.