Issue - decisions

Community Infrastructure Levy: Partial review.

01/12/2022 - Community Infrastructure Levy: Partial Review consultation





(1)   the Draft Charging Schedule (Appendix A of the report) and the supporting evidence (Appendices B and C of the report) be approved as the basis for a six week consultation, commencing in December 2022;


(2)   delegated authority be given to the Director of City Development, in consultation with the Council Leader, to agree minor changes to the Draft Charging Schedule before it is published for consultation;


(3)   following the consultation, the submission of the Draft Charging Schedule, supporting evidence and consultation responses and other information be approved to enable an independent examination on the Draft Charging Schedule to take place, subject to there being no revisions to the proposed CIL charges; and


(4)   following the consultation, if any further proposed revisions to the CIL charges are proposed, that an updated draft be brought to the Executive in advance of submission for examination.


Reason for Decision: As set out in the report.