Issue - decisions

Parking Tariffs 2023

09/02/2023 - Parking Tariffs 2023



RESOLVED that the Car Park Places Order 2014 be amended as follows:-


(1)   to change the zoning of a number of City Centre car parks;

(2)   to change the ‘Premium’ zone to ‘Central’;

(3)   to extend the charge period from 8am - 6pm to 8am - 10pm for all Central and Zone 1 Car Parks, and for Car parks located in Topsham from 9am - 5pm to 8am - 6pm;

(4)   to increase the fee to purchase a seasonal parking permits and increase the number of city centre car parks that accept a seasonal parking permits;

(5)   to increase the fee to purchase a discounted business and residential parking permit;

(6)   to charge for events held in City Council car parks;

(7)   to introduce a fee for electricity use through Electric Vehicle charge points in City Council car parks;

(8)   to charge owners of electric vehicles that qualify for a residential parking permits; and

(9)   to set aside £72,000 from the additional income for maintenance and improvements to city centre car parks and carbon reduction measures.


Reason for Decision: As set out in the report.