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Asylum Seekers in Exeter

We the undersigned petition the council to pledge to urgently relocate refugees and asylum seekers, and to immediately petition the UK government to provide resettlement routes for asylum seekers in the Aegean Camps to the UK.

There is a humanitarian crisis taking placing at Europe's borders; over 21,000 asylum seekers & refugees are trapped on the Aegean Islands, forced to live in dangerously overcrowded camps with limited medical services and inadequate sanitary conditions. These conditions make all inhabitants, irrespective of age or health, extremely vulnerable. Meanwhile, the Home Office continues to use former military barracks to house asylum seekers, despite previous outbreaks of Covid-19 due to overcrowding, as well as demonstrated psychological harm suffered by asylum seekers due to sustained periods of detention. This situation is completely unsustainable and the United Kingdom must no longer turn its back on those most in need of its support.

Due to the failure of the UK Government to establish resettlement routes for asylum seekers, local government must take leadership in demonstrating its commitment to supporting asylum seekers and refugees. We urge Exeter City Council to commit to resettling refugees and asylum seekers, as well as lobbying the UK government to provide resettlement routes to allow asylum seekers from the Aegean Islands to arrive here safely. It is time to demonstrate that Exeter has space.

This ePetition ran from 19/04/2021 to 25/05/2021 and has now finished.

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