Executive post

Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Arts & Culture and Corporate Services


·         One Exeter Organisational Transformation Programme (in consultation with the Leader)

·         Working with the leader to deliver a balanced budget

·         Supporting the Leader with all aspects of leadership within the Council

·         working with the Leader in relation to the Exeter City Group

·         Member of Community Safety Partnership

·         Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Panel

·         DCP Cllr advocate


·         Democratic and Electoral Services

·         Mayoralty

·         Legal Services

·         HR

·         Internal Audit & Governance

·         Operational IT/Strata Service Solutions Ltd (in consultation with the leader)

·         Exeter Civic University agreement

·         Tourism Strategy, Visit Exeter and major events

·         Bring forward a proposal for a multi-purpose performance venue at the Corn Exchange

·         Markets and Halls (including Tourist Information, Underground Passages, Corn Exchange, Livestock Market, Custom House and Markets)

·         Cultural Strategy

·         Creative Arc

·         RAMM

·         Equality & Diversity Policy

·         Community Safety Partnership

Post is held by