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South West Employers Panel


·          To exchange ideas with the view of increasing the understanding of the two sides.

·          To promote good industrial relations practice and training, including the development of good personnel practise.

·          To undertake tasks as required by the National Joint Council(s).

·          To establish and give legitimacy to dispute and conciliation machinery.

·          To deal with such other matters as may, from time to time, be requested (e.g., to act on behalf of the Local Government Staff Commission).

·          To facilitate, should the need arise, the negotiation of collective agreements.

·          To issue advice, as appropriate, to Local Authorities and Unions.

·          To provide a forum for discussion on key strategic issues affecting Local Government industrial relations/ training/ personnel.

Contact information

Karen Stone

Phone: 01823 425209

Email: karen.stone@swcouncils.gov.uk

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