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Mobile Home Residents Forum

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Information about Mobile Home Residents Forum

Mobile Homes Residents Forum Terms of Reference


The Forum will consist of:


  1. A designated Officer from Exeter City Council.
  2. Lead Councillor (Portfolio Holder) for People.
  3. City Council Councillors from wards containing park home sites – St Loyes, St Thomas and Topsham wards
  4. Up to three representatives of residents from each of the following Mobile Home Sites:

·             The Rydons, 

·             Exonia Park, 

·             Ringswell Park,

·             Newport Park.

        Names / addresses of members from the four sites will be held by Exeter City Council (those named can send a substitute to the meeting if unable to attend)


Officers from ECC, other statutory agencies and the voluntary and community sector may be asked to attend a particular meeting to provide support, advice or information on a specific issue.


Overall Aim of the Forum


  1. To ensure that Park Home residents have a voice.
  2. To be a link between Exeter City Council/Councillors and residents living within Park Home sites and to promote effective liaison, including liaison with other agencies.
  3. To educate, source and provide information on legislative policy.
  4. To promote effective resident empowerment through consultation, involvement and participation, and to help develop new initiatives.


General Terms of reference


  1. The position of Chair will be held by a Councillor of Exeter City Council.
  2. The Chair will be voted into the position by the Forum and the position shall be held for no more than two years without re-election.
  3. The Chair will nominate a Deputy to act in his/her stead in case of absence.
  4. It is the responsibility of residents of each Park Home site to decide who shall be a member of the Park Home Forum representing their views on the Forum.
  5. Meetings will be held at least once a year, subject to necessary business.
  6. If a formal meeting is not required, a surgery will be arranged between elected members and members of the Forum.
  7. Extraordinary meetings may be called where necessary, at the discretion of the Chair and in agreement with the Portfolio Holder.
  8. Meetings will be arranged and venues booked by Exeter City Council.
  9. Notice of meetings will be advertised one week prior to the meeting with an agenda to be sent to all members of the Forum.
  10. Any items that members would like placed on the agenda must be received by Exeter City Council and agreed by the Chair two weeks in advance of the meeting; there will not be ‘any other business’ on the agenda.
  11. Members agree to provide apologies if unable to attend.
  12. Any member unable to attend can send someone in their place providing they have notified Exeter City Council in writing at least one day in advance.
  13. All discussions and decisions made at formal meetings only will be recorded in summary format as minutes and will be signed by the Chair after the agreement of the Forum has been obtained that they reflect a true record of the decisions taken.
  14. All members will adhere to the Park Home Forum Code of Conduct.


Code of Conduct


·         All members must adhere to the Terms of Reference

·         All members shall be open and honest in their dealings and show respect for other members

·         All members will observe confidentiality of an individual

·         All speakers will address themselves through the Chair

·         Only one person shall speak at a time

·         Each member wishing to speak on an issue will indicate and the Chair will pick each in turn at his/her discretion.

·         All speakers shall be polite and courteous to others.

·         All speakers will keep to the subject under discussion.

·         No member shall raise individual issues unless as a means of illustrating a point.

·         No personal political references shall be made

·         If a member does not abide by the code of conduct, the Chair will warn that if they break the code of conduct they may be asked to leave the meeting.

·         The Forum will not tolerate any racist, sexist, or other discriminatory remarks.

·         Any member who consistently breaks the terms of reference or by virtue of their misconduct brings the Forum in to disrepute, may be expelled by the Chair.